New Level Fitness will help you look and feel younger

  • Have you been struggling to find the right training programme for you?
  • Have you stopped achieving the results you wanted?
  • Do you need motivation to get you moving again?

You know that by sticking to the a good health and fitness programme you can look and feel better. 

Getting older doesn’t doesn’t have to mean that our bodies restrict our day to day life.

Let me introduce myself, I’m Nick Andreou and I’ve worked in the fitness industry for nearly 20 years and have trained many clients well into they 60’s and 70’s, my oldest client is 80. He’s followed our training programme for 10 years!! He also still plays tennis regularly!!

At New level fitness we have created specialist senior fitness programmes to help you achieve your goals!

At New level fitness we can help you with the 3 R’s!!

  • Recapture: your health, fitness and wellbeing
  • Regenerate: start to move freely and increase your energy levels once again
  • Rejuvenate: feel 10 years younger with the help of our senior fitness programmes

I love helping people to stay active, feel younger and rediscover a lust for life!!



Iʼve trained with Nick for 5 years now. He pushes me to reach the goals I set for myself. He knows how hard to push me and has helped me through many setbacks ( arthritis, broken toes to name just 2) I recommend Nick if you want to get fit or keep your fitness levels higher.

Chris ... 54

Iʼve trained with Nick now for nearly 3 years. He has an enthusiastic commitment to his clients and tailors workouts to achieve your goals. He motivates you with creative and enjoyable workouts making each one challenging but achievable. I consider myself lucky to have found Nick and wholeheartedly recommend him to anyone interested in improving their fitness and living a healthier lifestyle regardless of their age and initial level of fitness.

Helen ... 59

Nick has been my personal trainer (and the rest of the family too) for over 12 years now!! Heʼs kept the workouts interesting and adapted them as Iʼve got older and had various injuries and health problems!! I would recommend Nick to anyone looking for a professional and experienced trainer!! Itʼs a shame he supports Tottenham though!!

Steven ... 57

I am in my 60's and have been going to train with Nick once a week for 6 years. During that time my general level of fitness has greatly improved and I have become a lot more flexible.

John Shanahan ... 69

I have been training with Nick almost every week for nigh on ten years now, through my seventies. I depend on him to keep me surprisingly fit, which he does, with skill and good humour. He is very much to be recommended -- (and commended, for putting up with me).

Charles ... 80

I have trained with Nick for over 8 years, he is an excellent personal trainer, I benefited from his sessions seeing an increase strength stamina and energy levels I would not have been able to achieve these levels on my own in the gym. I enjoy training with Nick, his sessions are challenging but enjoyable. I highly recommend training with Nick whatever your fitness goals may be.

Bernie Mckellow ... 70